Rethinking Math Education and Fractions in the Black Community

math black community

Exploring the dynamics of mathematics education within the Black community reveals that relying solely on test scores provides an incomplete picture of their educational experience. Danny Bernard Martin suggests a deeper investigation beyond these scores to fully understand the learning landscape. Danny Bernard Martin’s Perspective Danny Bernard Martin highlights the need to shift from the … Read more

Seven Types of Fractions used in School

types of fractions

Fractions are a way to show parts of a whole thing. Think about cutting a cake into pieces or sharing candy with friends. Fractions help us talk about these pieces. Let’s learn about the different kinds of fractions you might see. What Is a Fraction? A fraction is like a piece of a pie. It … Read more

Why Learning Fractions can be Simple

shanghai school fractions method

Many students think fractions are tough, but understanding them doesn’t have to be hard. Using a step-by-step approach, similar to the method popular in Shanghai, fractions can become easy and enjoyable to learn. Start with the Basics Before diving into fractions, it’s important for students to really understand basic number skills like counting and knowing … Read more

A Guide on Why Fractions are Important: For Kids

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Fractions are more than just parts of a whole—they are essential for understanding mathematics and how it applies to everyday life. Here’s how fractions play a key role in both academic settings and day-to-day activities. What Are Fractions? Fractions represent parts of a whole. For example: These simple examples show how fractions help us describe … Read more